Do you want to play a game?

Do you want to play a game?

Have a few minutes to spare? Want to go on an adventure with a bunch of shapes?
Well, have I got the game for you…


In a world Gone mad…

Well, not mad exactly…

Well, imagine everyone is a shape, yep that makes a lot more sense…Ahem…

In a world where everyone is a shape, that’s gone mad. One shape will rise…


Dramatic, I like it.

Now play

Made from scratch with my own two hands, Fungus and plenty of help from Leticia Agudo and Boby Moloney at Whackala.

Lots of thanks to Chris the creator of Fungus for help along the way. Lastly, the musical score was created by the very talented Ronan Pearce software engineer by day and musician by night.

11 15 08

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