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All about me

I'm an experienced animator, animation director, character designer, content producer and project manager, I'm a one-stop shop for short animations. I work from scripts and specs either for my own company in Ireland, Whackala, or for clients.

I team up and manage other animators, artists and sound designers for the bigger projects. I have worked for renowned companies internationally in different capacities in animation production. I am proficient in design, animation and visual effects software: Adobe CC packages, MOHO formerly (Anime Studio Pro), SketchBook Pro, Spine. I also make a mean sandwich.


Single Illustration or multiple


Im an experienced 2D animator / Animation Director


I've storyboarded for many short films, including my own. Both live action and animation.


I've Directed, Produced, Co-directed & Co- produced several short film & promos as well as a couple of Documentaries for TV and Film.


I make animated interactive narrative games for children of all ages.


I have several online stores set up that you can buy T-shirt's with my designs on it.


I have a few online courses teaching game development and 2D animation for both games & TV.

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